KICK 2 Presets Vol. 5 - Techno / 223

KICK 2 Presets Vol. 5 - Techno

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An essential tool for producing Techno, Tech House and Deep House, Sonic Academy is proud to present ‘Kick Presets Volume 5 - Techno’. 50 dark edge Kick drum presets and 50 carefully crafted custom clicks, to get the heaviest of techno/tech house/ house productions punching right through.

Inside this pack, you’ll get access to 50 Kick 2 presets, shaped to perfection and expertly designed, along with 50 accompanying kick click samples. Mix and match the presets to different click samples for even more choice and expand your library.

NB - REQUIRES KICK 2 PLUGIN - Not compatible with KICK 1

Awesome new Kicks for this amazing scene



Way too soft for me

Sounds very good!


Changed my techno tunes completely!

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Not good at all, audible clicks at the end of presets, very weak sounding kicks, I could have done better on my own. This is poor from SA.

nice sounding

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