Kick 2 Presets Vol. 7 - Progressive and Tech House / 584

Kick 2 Presets Vol. 7 - Progressive and Tech House

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An essential tool for producing Progressive House, Tech House, Deep House and Minimal, Sonic Academy is proud to present ‘Kick Presets Volume 7 - Progressive and Tech House’. 50
incredibly punchy kick drum presets and 50 carefully crafted custom clicks, to get your productions rock solid everytime. Mix and match the 50 clicks with the designed low end to create endless combinations and tones.
Here you will find deep progressive kicks, punchy tech house style kicks, or room-filling kicks to occupy that minimal space.

With Kick 2 to get full control over key, shape, and length of your kicks like never before. We have designed these kicks for maximum impact with minimum effort. SImply open the preset to start, or endlessly tweak until you get your perfect kick!

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cool kicks for cool tracks)))

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