Kick 2 Release Time in Gate Mode

Simple question where I can’t find the answer. What’s the Kick 2 Release Value in ms? Can’t find it anywhere in the manual.

The release of each Kick would be different depending of the length setting ( horizontal axis slider below the nodes window ), this can go from 50ms to 3000ms.

@Tekalight That’s not related to my question and most probably it’s my fault so I will elaborate more.

When setting Kick 2 in gate mode then the length of the oscillator depends on how long you hold the key or how long your midi note is. If the midi note is half beat long, theoretically sound should stop immediatly but that’s not the case with Kick 2. There is a release/tail to smoothen the end of the sound when releasing the key. I would like to know what’s the official ms value of this tail.

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I’m not sure how this is implemented in KICK 2 and if this is a fix value, that would need to be asked to the devs if they can provide more information on this.

@phil_johnston any idea about this ?

Good question I would have to check.

@phil_johnston Thank you for checking this for me!

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Any news on that matter?

Thank you in advance.

Hi there @ZodiacArts

So after asking about this to the developers, the gate fade out value is not a fix value, it’s an exponential fade out, so the gain will be reduced from 60 dB for 42ms and 140dB for 100ms.

The gate time has to be long enough for a low frequency cycle to complete or you can get some clicks, thus the choice for longer fade out values here.

If you want it to stop sooner you can just decrease the length of the midi note.

That’s the info I was looking for! Thank you!

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