Kick 2 requests - 1.) direct out of Clicks 1-3 2.) Pick up gain value and not changing gain


here 2 wishes what should not be difficult to add to the plugin!

1.) Direct out of Clicks:
-Direct out of Sample
-Not passes EQ, Distortion, Compression, Limiter, Main Gain,… (0% processing 100% pure Audio Sample play back)
Why: Sometimes I like the Click but with the processing I don’t like the Click anymore. Additional the User can load a favourite Kick Sample and can easy compare with Solo to the actual Kick with Sub & 2 options & processing with the Sample (this is not perfect in the view but a good starting point and easy to do a direct out)

2.) Pick up gain value and not changing gain
What I really don’t like is that when I click on Gain it just change to the position to where I click and not just picking up the actual value → see the value → and than I can move up and down to change the value. This is exactly the same happening with all knobs (e.g. Drive) and it doesn’t change where I click on the knob it just shows me the value and moving the mouse changes the value. It is really annoying when I click on Gain and it already jump away and con not compare ma changes.It is really standard for a user to use a plugin not values jumping around.
This is also very easy to implement because the logic is already there (e.g. Drive Knob) and just use this logic for all Gain sliders.