KICK 2 v1.1.0b2 Now Available

Version 1.1.0b2 is now available

Everything still applies re: taking part in the BETA - READ BEFORE USE

You can download it from your account

Few small changes - we are still working on a few other bugs for the next release but we had to get this one out as your beta copies will be expiring soon.


  • Navigating presets can now be done with the arrow keys
  • Added a close icon to notifications panel
  • Fixed bug with duplicate notifications
  • Added BETA support for version update notifications
  • Check for update reporting correctly when already up to date
  • Manual correctly linking
  • Fixed issue where license may temporarily de-link

It could be a great feature to be able to sync Kick length to tempo of the current session and divide / multiply button :slight_smile:


installation 64 again in 86 climbs)))

Could you add an “auto preview” in the browser? So users have the option to turn it on/off. So when it’s on and you click/arrow on a new preset, it auto plays the preset without having to insert any midi data. That would be awesome.

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very odd, it’s even been hard coded to the 64bit folder so its overwriting that somehow … i’ll need to investigate that further

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I am grateful for the update of Kick 2.
But I would like to ask you to add one feature.
Movement of the length with maintaining the pitch. That is, horizontal movement.
For example, I want to change the length without changing the pitch with Shift + Drag.
Similarly, change the pitch without changing the length. That is, vertical movement.
For example Alt + Drag.
It would be the strongest tool if you can do these.

not sure i follow, the pitch nodes are unaffected already by the length and the length is unaffected by pitch movement

However, in the current operation there are many cases that another value shifts …

Nice on the update! If i was to leave a feature request it would be to have typeable values.
I usually want very precise length-values for my kick as I do not want it to overlap with my basslines. So if I want my kick to take up 1/8 note on track that is 150 BPM. The kick should be 200ms long. Instead of dragging back and forth to hit that exact value, it would be much easier to just double-click the ms-slider and type in “200” + Enter.


Agree with @Mattias_Dahdouh +1 for this type in values feature, would be a nice addition :slight_smile: