Kick 2 VST 64bit causing freezes and crashes on Ableton Live 64bit on Windows 10

Hi there. I’ve just purchased Kick 2 and I’m experiencing performance problems, freezes and crashes when I use the 64bit VST plugin in my Live 64bit host on windows. As soon as I insert the plugin it takes about 30 seconds until the Live UI is responding again. After that I can use the plugin but the UI freezes sporadically at intervals for about 10 to 30 seconds. Sometimes Ableton even crashes when I change presets in Kick.

Does anyone experience similar issues?

I’ve already tried to reinstall Ableton from ground up but didn’t do anything good.


What version of Live are you running? and can you send me your Computer spec / processor type

Can you please try updating your intel graphics driver at Intel® Driver & Support Assistant

this may resolve your problem

Hi there. Thanks for your quick reply. After trying many things and updating my Intel drivers I found that I was running Ableton in Windows 8 compatibility mode. I’ve switched to that for a workaround to get Softube Heartbeat drum machine working on Windows 10. I’ve disabled the compatibility mode and my problems are gone! Maybe nice to know for other users.



I am experiencing the same thing. I am not in compatability mode.

Gigabyte Laptop, Windows 10 x64, i7 2.8Ghz, 16GM Ram
Ableton Live 9.6.1
Kick 2 1.02

Hey @terongo, contact to get a support ticket and we will get you sorted.

@terongo Have you tried installing the intel drivers linked above?

Thanks Chris, have done so.

Phil - yep all drivers up to date.

Gonna try this now… I also changed to windows 8 compatibility mode for heartbeat/ Thanks!