Kick 2 VST3 on the way?

Noticed that there is a VST3 for Ana2 but no Kick2 yet. Is that coming? thanks!

From what I know the devs are still looking into M1 compatibility for KICK 2 and that’s under testing but I don’t know if a VST 3 version will be included in a next release.

Hi there @robj

Just to let you know that there’s now a new beta version with both Native M1 ARM mode as well as VST3 support available from your account, please sign into your account and head to the My Account / My Downloads/ Plugins area in order to download and install KICK 2 v1.1.5 beta.

Great to know it’s coming as VST3 thanks! It’s not in my account, but that makes sense since I don’ town it yet. :wink:

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Still on sale 20% OFF through January until the 31th… Just saying :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

I just tried to install Beaver 1.5 but I couldn’t on my Macbook Pro M1 Max for “security reasons” (see screenshot).

Do you know an alternative to install Kick 2 anyway? I can hardly do without Kick2, it’s the best bass drum plugin I know!




This is just a warning from macOS depending of your MacOS version and the version of the installers.

Easiest way to bypass this is to right click on the installer file again and choose “Open”.

Or you can also read this help article here :

Great! I had to re-decompress the zip archive and right click on the installer finally worked. Thank you so much!

Does anyone else have their daw crashed by trying to load kick 2 vst 3 beta for the first time ?

im on ableton 11.2.5 windows 10 and its crashing it every time

btw the 1.1.5 crash ableton in both vst 2 and vst 3

since the v 1.1.4 also crash my daw there must be another problem on my side. Maybe i need to clean kick registery since i had another version installed before ?

Now it works i had to clean the registery :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the delayed reply on this.

Happy to read that you’ve fix the issue at your end :thumbsup:

Yes, that was probably some files from a previous installation causing this issue, there’s no other persistent Ableton crash reports with V1.1.5b to my knowledge.

Hi, im interested in purchasing Kick 2 but only if it has vst3 support and seeing it mentioned here in the beta i thought i should ask 1st. Can anyone confirm if this has been released or you are still working on it? Thanks

Welcome aboard on the forums ! :sunglasses:

KICK 2 is available in AAX / AU / VST2 / VST3 plugin formats :+1:

VST 3 is available for quite some time now, you’ve probably seen an older post on the forums.

KICK 2 supports 64bit systems only and if you’re a Mac user it is compatible with both Intel and Silicon Macs and will run on the latest Mac OS version ( included Mac OS 14 Sonoma ).

Hope this helps !

Cheers :sunglasses: