Kick 3

Is the next big release on the horizon?

I use kick to recreate the kicks in the tracks I like. That way I can clean them up and really tweak them to my liking. But recreating them is a nightmare with the logarithmic x-axis. I usually pull my sampled kick into one of the clicks and then redraw it with the main OSC.

Haven’t heard anything yet about KICK 3.

That’s actually the method recommended as explained in this free course :

Assimilating Kicks in Kick 2 with Phil Johnston

From what I know, it was chosen to use a Logarithmic envelope because it gives you much more control to adjust the beginning of the Kick which really affects how the kick will sound in the end. As mentioned in the above video by Phil around 4:18, it might be counter intuitive at first but it gives more fine tuning option in the end.

Hope that helps :wink:

Cheers !

Awesome. Something that will actually help is to highlight the wave when you click on a node to show where it actually affects the waveform. Another thing is the click filters.

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