Kick/Bass in a Drop Big Room/Progressive House Track

Can anyone please tell me how to make a bass on the beat for the drop in a big room/progressive house track? Two examples are KSHMR Dallas K “Burn” and/or DVBBS “We Were Young”. I’ve made every attempt to work it out on my own by searching the web and watching loads of tutorials with no luck. I don’t just mean sidechaining/LFO the attack of the bass but if you listen carefully you’ll hear the bass has an LFO doing much more which brings so much more energy to the
So far the closest I’ve come is using Sonic Academy KICK for the punch of the kick and Massive for the bass part, I can’t for the life of me work out how to LFO the bass the same way in the two examples above? Please Help? Regards, Subscriber Roboh.