Kick-Bass- or Drums-Bus?

I know there aren’t rules for “how to produce good music”, but… br
I often heard that all drums go to one bus to glue them. But also I heard often to send your kick and bass to one bus to glue them. So there’s the problem… If I think, that the drums do not sound perfect and need a bit of bus compressions , but also the kick and the bass, how do I solve this problem? I can’t send the Kick to 2 different busses at the same time. Hope you understand the problem… :slight_smile:

They can be on separate buses but you can also send them both to the same glue compressor on another Aux channel, or at least you can in Logic, so i presume other DAWs are the same

I know you can, but isn’t it strange to put the bass with all other drums in in the same bus to glue them?

You only send the kick and the bass to the other bus, not all the drums.

You didn’t get my point. I have to decide wether i will put my kick in one bus with my bass or in one bus with all drums. But I can’t glue the kick at the same time with the bass and all the other drums…

If you work in Ableton you could try this:br
Group the kick with the bass and compress this groupbr
Send the kick sound to a return channel with a compressor on it and use that return channel for all other drum tracks. Now this won’t litterally compress the tracks, but will compress the send signals together in the
Maybe that will get the sound you’re after?

Well I work in Logic, but this should also work in Logic. It’s an option. But I see that that there isn’t a perfect solution for the problem. And that’s everything I wanted to know. :)br
But thank you for your help, I will try it…

I believe when people talk about busing your drums and then busing your kick and bass they actually mean to bus your drums, minus your kick br
so all drum elements minus your kick would goto one bus and your kick drum and bass will go to another bus. br
basically treating your you low end kick + bass as one to glue them together and then your other drum elements and percussion as a separate to glue those sounds together.