Kick changes to a very weak and thin sound every time I press stop on playlist

I’ll choose a kick and it will sound fine until I press the stop button in the playlist and it switches it to a very weak/thin sound (see pics of waveform after it stops) I’m using Fl Studio. How do I fix this? Thanks.

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It is likely that you have a MIDI CC assignment to your keyboard space bar if this happens each time you Start/Pause your DAW playback.

Looking at your screenshot, might be on the Length slider since it seems to reset to 50ms.

Right Click on the slider and then REMOVE CC:value you see in there.

If it’s not the parameter that’s resetting, the trick is to look & find what knob or slider is resetting to default each time you Play/Stop your DAW playback or hit the keyboard space bar.

Hope this helps !

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Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 21.49.06

Ah yes that was it!! Thank you so much! It was driving me insane.

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No worry, you’re welcome !

Yes, it’s a tricky one when it happens the 1st time ! :crazy_face:

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