Kick crashes Logic Pro X as soon as it receives MIDI or is record-enabled

Just started happening today - it worked a few days ago. My @$$%!%@$%^$%^$%@&#340952’6(swearing) college makes you enable automatic updates to enable internet access so I’m assuming one of the mini-updates caused something to go wrong. How do I uninstall/reinstall KICK? I would like to keep my custom presets if possible.


That’s a new one - have not heard of that before.
You shouldn’t need to Uninstall KICK - although if you simply run the installer again it will re copy everything in

Do you get an error report that you can send ?

How do I view the error report? It crashes instantly and then I am given the option to send a report to apple but nothing from sonic academy.

Hi David, if you click on the “report” option you will get a long text breakdown of the bug - if you can copy and paste that to us at , that would be great.

mine kick 2 crash everytime in fl studio acces violation

Are you trying to load it in mono? My issue only happened when I was in monk, the plugin is only supposed to have stereo but the current release will still let you load it in mono

Martin - if you can try keep your posts to one thread it will help us to reply to you better

*This is also a thread in relation to KICK 1