Kick *** Kicks and Get that Sound Now LIVE! YEEEESSS!

Kick /-\ss Kicks

Fed up and frustrated by spending hours looking for kicks (of the musical type)? This week’s latest series of Tech Tips is your answer.

Over the course of 4 Videos and as a lead in to the massive up-coming Progressive House Tutorial, Sonic Academy CTO Phil Johnston shows you in detail how to design kick drum synth sounds using Ableton’s powerful instrument rack. Find out how to combine the clicks and whomps to create up to 1400 different combinations.

Get that Sound - Xpander Lead Synth

Kick starting the progressive house collection of videos, we show you how to get the spaced out lead sound from Sasha’s Xpander - one of the most popular progressive house tracks of all time. edit -(This is properly awesome. phil.)

Trouble In The Redlight District - Bass

Using the Sylenth1 we show you how to create this thick saw bass sound made popular by Tomcraft & Jerome Isma-Ae’s song.

Trouble In The Redlight District - Pluck Sound

In the 2nd part of this section we pick out the pluck sound from the song and show you how to recreate this with ease.

Looks all good to me - thanks as always :slight_smile:

Its funny that you can’t say *** but you can if you are calling a tutorial ***…


Isnt an A55 a donkey?

lol yeah we were trying to figure that one out earlier the web guys have blocked access to the profanity filter so we couldnt unblock *** hence the /-\SS… A55 works too. :wink:

by the way did you like the videos… it is quite technical.

once i get off work im gonna check them out , you guys always make my fridays much better

wonder does ‘bum’ get though ?

yes, yes it does…

this is quite cool, i was gonna post up asking about kicks. :slight_smile:

Loving the start to the progressive house tutorials cant wait for more.

Could you explain more on the “Trouble In The Redlight District - Bass” rather than just the offbeat bass as there seems to be another bass that supports it. It sounds low subby and rolls when it kicks in at 1:31. Sine wave? Pattern??

Great tut - would also work nice with claps n snares.

Is there a profanity filter on posted tracks coz I’ve done a remix of DJ Assault’s A55 n Titties? :smiley: