Kick Preset change by MidiClip

Hi there,

I just purchased the very nice Kick instrument and really love working with it. I would really like to use it in my liveset, but this is not possible right now because of the following:

When I execute a program change in a midi clip, the vst does not respond. It looks like the Kick vst is not able to understand midi program change information. This means I cannot switch between between presets easily while performing.

If I am overlooking something, please let me know but if not, Is it possible to add this functionality to the vst in an upcoming release?

I am running ableton live 9.2.3 on a Mac (10.10.5)


Hi - at the minute you cannot change presets via MIDI command.

I will include it into the list of possible updates however.

Cool, Thanks!

Any progress on this issue ?


It’s not been implemented into KICK 2 no, it is listed in our feature requests however.

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OK, Well it would be a very useful addition for people who use Kick 2 to play live.

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Program change please! Including this function will become kick 2 perfect for live!

yes please! add program changes!!

Has anyone been able to figure out a way to change presets by midi or program change? This is kind of an important thing to be able to do… any M4L devices or any solutions?