Kick V2 1.02 VST Crashing Ableton Live 9.6.1 Mac OS 10.11.5


I recently upgraded to Kick 2. It’s an amazing plugin, but I am experiencing some serious crashes in Live 9.6.1 64bit (Mac OS 10.11.5).

I was able to narrow it down to the VST version of Kick 2. When I pull Kick 2 out of the VST folder Live does not crash anymore. The AU version seems to work fine without issues. When Kick 2 is in the VST folder, even songs that don’t use Kick 2 in the track crash whenever I press the space bar to stop a song for the first time.

Here’s a link to a video I made showing the issue:

Hope this helps to narrow down the issue.

Thanks in advance,

Hey ken

Think i got you on customer service :slight_smile:

Hi Bryan,

I am still experiencing the issue and can repeat 100% of the time. Haven’t heard back again in regards to you trying a few things.


I am having the same issue - just now narrowed it to Kick 2

Please help!

Hey guys

Apologies for the delay - Ken i believe we’ve been in touch since via customer support?

@terongo - can you please drop us a support ticket - or PM me with the exact issue you are experiencing to see if it is indeed the same problem.

Ken was able to identify that it was limited to VST only - and was happening only when his default Live template contained the Plugin.

Same here (10.11.5, Live 9.6.2), but with the AU. Kick 2 v1.02 would crash Live instantly upon project load 75% of the time. Highly frustrating.

Just updated to v1.03 with the hope it will fix it, although I’ve since removed Kick from the project as it was too risky.

Hi Ross -

This is a different issue to the OP’s original post (crashing on Space Bar)

If you can please drop me a PM with your exact problem + error report if possible then i’ll hopefully get you sorted out.

Kick 2 -1.03 Crashes when navigate through clicks.Cubase 8.5.20 - 64 bit,Win.8.1,All drivers up to date,no 3’rd party pirated vst’s,Tested on various soundcards.Apollo Twin USB,TC Electronics Impact Twin,M-Audio M-Track.