Kick2 distorts in edit mode (Cubase11)

Hi, recently I have encountered the following problem: everything runs cool in my daw but as soon as I try to edit something in my Kick2 channel ( even if I just click the channel) the sound distorts. Distortion stops as soon as I click another channel. Please help.

What’s your Operating System & what version of KICK 2 have you installed ? Is KICK 2 correctly authorized ?

We recommend to install the latest Beta version v1.1.5b, especially if your on a M1 Mac, butit also brings VST3 support ( that’s only mandatory with Cubase 12 and on a M1 Mac since Steinberg has now removed VST2 support in that specific version though, so not sure that’s the issue here with Cuabse 11.

What I would suggest is to manually uninstall KICK 2 and download and install the latest Beta from your account and see if that solves this issue, you can refer to this guide here for KICK 2 manual uninstall.