Kick2 glitch in logic

Hi there, I recently completed a clean uninstall reinstall on my Mac which runs on Catalina of Kick 2 because everytime I pressed stop and start with the mouse or spacebar the click length setting would be wiped even if I saved the preset.

It fixed the problem, but now its doing the same thing 5 days later.

When this happens an asterisk appears next to the preset name i.e. trance1*

I have attached a small clip, any help would be appreciated.

Hey again @ryanbingram

It wasn’t necessary to create a second topic for this.
I’ve linked the 2 now.

Continuing the discussion from Kick 2 issue with MacOS Catalina & Logic Pro X 10.5:

Where is that clip ?? Did you upload it here on the forums or using a cloud link like Dropbox or whatever ?
( then you didn’t include the link in your post ) or by “attached” do you mean that you have send something to support via mail or using the support ticket feature ??

EDIT : This clip could help but I think it’s also wise to keep in mind that at this time Logic Pro 10.5 Update has been reported very buggy indeed and to me that’s more likely where the issue might be unfortunately.

Check this link → Logic Pro Forum

Hello…I have recently not encountered this issue with mine. I have had some other rationale issues, similar to an arbitrary framework over-burden that happened when I just had 3 straightforward tracks going, a few issues with it not making sure to utilize my interface or with confounded example rates, yet they appear to be uncommon.

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