Kick2 Limiter meter shows always highest volume level


What is this for weird metering in Kick2? When I put the volume slider down the meter stays on full volume all the time and I have to use a external meter to see what the output level is!



Hi there @AllMediaLab

  • The Master Output level Fader ( red ) is Post Metering and only adjust the final output level of KICK 2.

  • The Stereo Metering display is relative to the Sub and Clicks output levels( orange ). The Metering focuses on the Sub and Clicks levels since it’s what you want to check and adjust when fine tuning your kicks sounds and using the Limiter.


When not using the limiter It still shows full scale loudness even in the red zone despite the fact that the master output fader is slide down makes no sense to me! And the level shown in the small pop-up doesn’t make any sense, because it is not precise! Moving the click faders and sub one is it possible to move them all at once?

Again the Master Output Fader is POST Metering : Master Out level adjustments are not reflected by the Meter.

Everything else before that final Master Output is sent to the Meter and will be reflected : the Sub and clicks levels, compresssion, distortion, EQ…

Sometime you need to push your kick sound into clipping to add grit or punch using distortion and limiting, the Master Output Fader allows you to adjust and tame down the final output from KICK 2 into your DAW channel to avoid clipping inside your DAW, but the metering itself reflects the entire KICK 2 audio signal flow before this Post Metering Master Output Fader.

That’s what the Master Output Fader does, it adjust all those levels at once ( but POST Metering ) but you want to keep individual control of those sub and clicks faders which are PRE metering, that’s what the Meter is showing.

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OK clear!

For your Master Output Levels indication ( what level goes out from KICK 2 into your DAW channel ) :

  • There’s a value displayed at the left hand side of the Master Output Fader when you adjust the fader.

  • This is the Maximum True Peak level in Dbfs → So if you adjust this value to -12.00 ( you can fine tune holding Cmd or Ctrl while moving your Mouse ) and place a Meter after KICK 2, you will see that the output is set to -12.00 Dbfs True Peak.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation!


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