KICK2 lock time for nodes

Hello, I searched the manual and this forum but I cannot find a solution (it might not be possibile though).

I would like to lock (horizontally) a node to time.
I mean: when I fine tune the pitch for a node I keep pressed command while moving the mouse to obtain small adjustments. But I would like to move only pitch, because some time i move time too…
My workaround so far is to increase horizontal zoom by 5000% lets say…this way if move horizontally it doesn’t make a great difference…

But I would like to be sure it locks …I tried key modifier combo but no success.
Any help?
Thanks in advance

Hi there @sicijk

No, it’s not possible to horizontally lock down a node to time while you’re adjusting it’s pitch.

Depending of what values you are trying to set, tools than can help to get more precise will be to hold Cmd + Left Click Mouse to slow down the Node movement, turning SNAP ON will restrict the pitch increment to semi-tones ( which can be desired instead of having the pitch values running freely with Snap OFF ) and finally using the zoom feature to get into details when making adjustments.

That said, I agree that a key stroke + mouse combo like for example holding Shift + Left Click drag that would lock nodes horizontally while dragging the Node vertically would be a nice addition, but I’m not sure if this is possible to implement.

That will need to be asked to the developers.