Kick2 Not finding samples when switching computers

Hy Everyone, I’m running into a problem with kick 2.

I have kick in a couple of computers (one mac, one PC), and when I create a patch using custom samples for the clicks on one computer, the preset will not find find the samples when loaded in the other computer.

it would be trivial to just point kick to the folder that contains the sample, however I can’t read the name because it’s longer than the box where it is displayed.

Any ideas on how I may “help” kick find the samples on the second computer?

Hey there @jeduars

If you want to use custom samples as CLICKS and be able to reload them easily from Kick 2 GUI, your samples have to be saved in the dedicated Clicks/User folder. ( ref. to screen shot N° 2 )

From Kick 2 GUI, you can use the option “Open User Click Folder” from the pull down Menu in order to reveal the matching folder on your system. ( ref. to screen shot N° 1 )

Alternatively the corresponding path is :

  • MacOS : YourMacHDD/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/Clicks

  • Windows : C:/ProgramData /Sonic academy/Kick 2/Clicks

From there, your custom clicks can be saved in the /Clicks/User folder or you can also create a Custom Folder inside the Clicks folder, like /Clicks/My Custom Clicks i.e

Now since this location is default for Kick 2 browser, you can’t use a common folder for your 2 instances of Kick 2 on your Mac & your PC. Your clicks will need to be saved on each machine, following the above folder structure.

The only way I could think about having one common folder for both instances is to be able to use symbolic links but this is more of a tweak, it won’t be supported here and it’s more tricky, especially on Windows.

If you want to know more about this, scroll down within this topic and read the post about symbolic links