Kick2 Plugin not letting me download

Hi guys,

Not sure if anyone else has had this problem.

I have just downloaded Kick 2 + the license key and for some reason it won’t let me install the plugin. It physically doesn’t have any file that I can download upon opening the file downloaded. I’m running this on a mac and I have tried to see if I can open it in Logic.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Once you load kick 2 in Logic it should ask you to register… when it does you select the license file and it should be good to go.

Hi Paul, thanks for the quick reply.

I have downloaded Kick 2 however i’m still struggling to install it so that I can open it within Logic. When I open the downloaded file, click on mac, it appears as a file I can install for a split section and then changes suddenly to another type of file. When I click on this file, it just opens ‘open file’ and asks about a ‘pkg’ file extension. It’s this that is not letting me install it, and therefore when I go on logic, there is no way for me to even see that Kick is downloaded?!?

I hope this makes sense!


this can sometimes happen on corrupt operating systems, if you right click and select open with you may be able to see “Installer” as an option to open the PKG file with

Thanks Bryan,

That was the problem and I have installed it now!

Thankyou so much for the quick and resolving answer.