Kick2 sub delay

hi guys

is there a way to delay the sub thumb, to sit better!
i can not find any delay funktion that i really need…

is there a way?


Hi @Masterwerk Unfortunately there is no way to delay the sub in Kick 2.

Hi @chris_agnelli

but how could this be that so much different artists have beta and alpha tested the Kick2 and nobody had concludes about the fact that you have to mess with the attack and not a few millisecond of delay?
is there a workaround… nevermind the fact that to use different instances of kick2 in different tracks!

this is very important for me… can i write somebody who have ears for my question? who would this be?

thank you

Kick2 is absolutly over the top exactly what i wished to have… i did my kicks with softsynths… but now i have a superdupper kickgenerator with kick2…!!!

please please think over for a delay function on every thumb or click of a kick… it would be the superheist 4 me

thanks for listening


+1 would very usefull

+1 we need a alignment function for each individual layer, including the sub layer.
this is like the most important thing
how can it be missing?