Kick2: switching presets via midi program change?

is there a way to switch kick2 presets via midi program change message?..that would be very handy for live situations…

Hi there @scheffkoch

Yes, this one has already been requested and it’s still under the dev’s scope :slight_smile:

Should be implemented in a future version but no idea about a time schedule yet, but yes : listed in the feature requests for sure :wink:

…awesome…thanks for your reply!

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+1 for this!

I cannot for the life of me find any samplers with the ability to do this without going the route of setting up 128s & chain selectors.

This would be a great workflow enhancement. The more controls that are midi mappable, the more the plugin is opened up to a fluid user experience

No news on this yet ???

From what I know, this is kind of tricky to implement with KICK 2 ( other than using a short list of selectable presets that could be switched via midi program change message ), so not sure this will happen :confused:

That might be something for KICK 3 maybe, but just don’t take my words here for granted, I’m not yet aware of the features that will be implemented with KICK 3 and it’s still under development at the moment.

Thanks for the answer, I’ve been having a research to see if there’s any Kick Drum or drum machine plug in that works with program change and no joy so far so will look forward hopefully for Kick 3.

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