Kick2 v1.1.5 edited user preset from previous version not loading


when trying to load a Project in Nuendo 12 (12.0.52) which was done using a previous version of the plugin, my own edited user preset has not been loaded. Instead it loads the default preset with the default kick. This behaviour was not present in the previous version.
While investigating, is there an installer from previous versions available to for a possible temporare fix ?


Hi there,

We’ve replied to your support email and sent you 2 downloads links for V1.1.1 and V1.1.4 now :wink:

Hope this helps recovering your presets settings when reopening Nuendo Projects.

About the issue itself, that will require further troubleshooting.

Let us know at support, thanks.

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Hi !

Thank you so much for your reply ! :pray:t4:
I’m literally in stem delivery hell and could not get anything to work in order to send stems to my clients. I gonna try all out and inform you if everything worked. Please let me know if you need anything else from my side, also via support mail.

Best, D

Hi there,

here are my results so far:
V1.1.4 did the trick and all of my previous projects are working again.
It did not work when installing V1.1.1 ! Same behaviour as with V1.1.5.

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