Kick2 Visual feature request

Hi and thanks for the kick2, I’m using it for 4 years and I still love it but in my opinion is really necessary a feature regarding a graphical problem.
There are Other similar Plugin like Ultrakick (max msp) and Psylab that, while the kick is playing, can let you see a bar that run from left to right so you can see exactly what is playing during the flow of time.
I’ve understood that time flow in the kick2 axis is not linear, so for example in an envelope that is 1000ms long at the middle of the envelope you’re not in the exactly 500ms point but you’ll find the value in 140ms circa. The 500 ms value is almost at the end, and this is a great way to create a precise punch but I got many problems during the creation oh the “tail” of the kick, wich is usually not very precise.
That’s why I think that a Bar that move itsself during time and let you see what’s happening it will be very cool =)