Kickstart and Kick2 together

I have Kickstart and Kick 2 and for some odd reason both work individually but not when the other is open at the same time. Anyone has this problem? Any suggestion on how to fix that? I use Mulab as a DAW.

Hey @themplanetz

This could be hard to tell, could results from conflicting plugins or from your DAW itself, I’m not using Mulab, nor Kickstart so I’m not able to replicate this in order to try to help. If you head up to Mutools Website and click on the “Support” Tab, you’ll find a link to their dedicated forum on KVR.

Suggest that you post there & being as much specific as you can & including details like your OS type & version as well as Mulab & both plugins release version.

Also, be sure to check that you’re using the latest releases of your Daw & Plugins and check in your Daw settings if you have any specific options regarding how to handle plugins, memory usage…etc. Last one is to make sure that you’re not using a 32bit plugin with a 64bit Daw, or using a 32bit plugin Wrapper… Once again, that is general troubleshooting thinking, bear in mind that I’m not a Mulab user.