Kilohearts KHs ONE

Hey guys i thought i would share this with you as through out the summer you can get this synth for only 39 euros. Ive been messing around with the demo and it seems like a really nice sounding synth. It can do pretty much all the same things that Sylenth1 can do but it has its own character and sound. Its also a complete breeze to program, but if your not into that there are a lot of cool presets and a soundbank you get when you buy it.

Check it out

“Okay, we admit it. We just added the effects to make our presets sound cooler and more impressive. But hey, it also means you can easily get your own patches cooler and more impressive. This by association makes you cooler and more impressive. True story.”


not a fan of synths where the bundle the unison on at the end. doesn’t sound as nice as sylenth to me.

still $39 it reasonable.

Not bad for the price, but have to agree with Phil that Sylenth sounds much nicer.

I think this synth is great if your learning synthesis. Its a very simple set up and if your just getting into creating your own sounds i think this beats sylenth on ease of use. Im not sure on the sound, its hard to say one is better than the other, they’re just different.