Klaas & Felguk - Wheres your head at/ Funky Drama(Squeak2199 Mashup)

Hey guys. Titles says alot. This is my first ever “kind” of production to share with people outisde of my own house.

Basically I eqed the tracks to fit, moved Funky Drama up a few semitones so it would be in key, cut & chopped different parts & & tiny bit of compression.

Constructive critisism is always good:)


Thnaks for any feedback

Bump for any listeners:(

one last bump guys

cool mashup squeak, they mesh pretty good togetherl, have you played it out yet?

Thx for listening Tommy:) Haven’t played it out because I only do the odd house party gig but if you ever get the urge to your more than welcome:P