Knife Party Tutorial?

How about a Knife Party tutorial? I would like to learn how to make all of his weird and powerfully baselines and synths. Also it would be nice to understand how to mix hard kicks and hard baselines like his, without getting any unwanted distortions?

My favorite track at this moment is Knife Party - Unison

with no doubt! please make a tutorial of this track?


Would definitely like to see this. Agreed

This can all be learned in the glitch house tutorial. The thing is that no one actually uses the techniques that they show in that video. And instead the just sit on the forums and want to see a perfect template on how knife party does it, or how skrillex makes such good songs.

The techniques are all in the glitch-house tutorial, you just have to practice, like any other genre. If anything, glitchy, techy stuff is harder to make since it changes pace so much. Basically, the difference between the tutorial and knife party’s stuff is the bpm and the patches they use. So if you are interested in this stuff, dive deep into FM synthesis, there is no “magical” way that knife party does it, its all trial and error, and eventually, less and less error. Key word being EVENTUALLY

^^^^^^This x1000br
Nothing is handed out for free in this world. That being said, the tuts are a great way to learn the basics and set a good foundation for yourself. Just keep practicing. None of the famous artists were good at the start. br
Knife Party is made up of two artists not one. Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen.