Know your Synth!

Thanks to Gave post about presets for your synths . i did download some presets from my Sawer Synth.

the preset that i downloaded sounded better than the original presets that came with the Synth .

even do i know how to program basic patches y i learned that i need to learn more about synthesis. i felt like a noob comparing my presets to the Pros .

so download some presets and copy how the pros program their patches on your synth.

heheh. i hope is clear now , ***ing autotype sucks !! lol

I was understanding you man until I read “y” - lost ya now :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley:

+1 for a special Aline sub forum :hehe:

Well done ICN - I got lost at [quote]Thanks [/quote]

hahaha bastards !!! :smiley:

Fkn predictive text rigt?