**Known Issues & FAQs**

Here are a few FAQs and some Known issues. Ill update this as things arise.

If you have a problem that isn’t listed here you can post here or send and email to customerservice@sonicacademy.com


Q. When i Register i don’t get an Activation Email

A. Some email providers block our bulk emails. Known providers: Comcast, Aol.

If you add registrations@sonicacademy.com to your safe list this should solve the problem.

If you still have not received your confirmation email within a few minutes, please first try to log in to the site before contacting us.

Your account should automatically be activated if the activation email fails.


Q. Can’t unzip downloads: There is an issue with unzipping some of our files using windows

A. Use [url]7zip http://www.7-zip.org/download.html[/url]


Q. Im Doing Cubase course and cant find the Battery 3 VST instrument.

A. Battery is third party software that unfortunatly doesn’t come with Cubase. We had to include it in the module as it is the only way for cubase to use drum samples.

You can get the battery demo here:


This will enable you to do the modules.


Q. I Have just purchased a Sonic Subscription wheres my stuff?

A. After purchasing a download you you can access it on the Training Videos page. You can find this on the top bar navigation.


Q. I am based in Australia/New Zealand - the videos keep buffering ?

A. Our current video hosts do not have a server based in Australia (although we are told one is coming soon). We can place your connection direct to our European servers which helps to speed things up. Please email customerservice@sonicacademy.com and we can sort this out for you


Q. When opening the project files, sometimes Sylenth1 opens up with the default patch rather than the one created in the courses ?

A. Our more current courses use the latest version of Sylenth1, v2.21 - select “Check for updates” from the Sylenth1 to update to this version.


Q. I am watching Making Music With Ableton Live Intro - but there are no modules 1-5 in the resources?

A. Videos 1 to 5 in this course simply explain the interface - there is no saving of the files required. all you need to do is watch. If you want to have a project open to view whilst watching these first few videos simply open Module12.als


how do i get the polyphony sylenth


I wonder if SA will make software for screen capturing during a session that can capture ASIO stream, and embed it into the video.br
Things like this would be great for content creators.