Korg nanokontrol or akai lpd8

hey everyone

currently im trying to decide which of these to get

have you any experience of these controllers ?

both look decent enough

i have a bcd300 and traktor pro but i want a few more buttons and knobs for modifiers etc

All the same dude.

Hey man how’s it goin? I use the nanokontrol with traktor and I gotta be honest the knobs are way too small and close together for me. Don’t get me wrong it all works perfectly and everything but when I’m playing out I’d much prefer to be facing the crowed with my head up swinging my elbows in and out when I’m playing out but with the nano sometimes I find myself hunched over squinting at it like an old man trying to text off a new mobile phone for the first time.

I have all the nano line. It’s good for in the hotel room, but not a piece of kit. I would experiment with setting different scenes on the 3000. I think you can have up to four pages. Which means that you can essentially have four 3000s. You just select a different scene to go to the next page… Each scene is a fresh set of buttons and knobs to program.

I’ve had the Nanopad and I’m currently using the LPD8 at the moment. The Nanopad gave up quite quickly, I only used it for about 6 months and pads starting failing. It wasn’t even treated that badly!

The LPD 8 is great though, hasn’t failed me yet in DJ sets and seems a whole lot more responsive than the Korg.

i was going to get the lpd8 & the lpk25 but im waiting now till this is released,


both of them in 1 unit.

my mate has a nanokontrol and uses it for ableton - he reckons its decent enough but he hasnt had it it that long and i reckon it looks like it would wear out

i know you can have 4 scenes with the nano but can you have 4 scenes in the bcd3000? i havent discovered that bit

i dont play out that often so it doesnt need to be mega sturdy - i have different kit for home anyway