I’ve got a pair of these and got an annoying query:

I use them both for djing and production.  On the back they have multiple inputs and I want to be able to use two cables for each monitor, one going to my djm800 and the other to my soundcard.

If I set it up like this I hoped I wouldn’t have to keep plugging and unplugging cables depending on whether I’m mixing or producing.


I have my speakers hooked up to both my soundcard and my mixer.

I acheived this by visiting Maplins, they have all sorts of cables for your needs.

In my soundcard goes the phono leads, then from the back of there is 2 x sets of phone inputs. 1 set input is plugged in by my speakers, this is a phono to jack lead. In the other set is a phono to phono which goes directly to the back of my mixer.

It’s kinda hard to explain without knowing the exact names of the cables, but basically get your a**e down to Maplins, with a note of what inputs and outputs you have for your soundcard and back of monitor speakers.

Hahaha why the hell I didn’t think of that I don’t know!  Got a maplins more or less next door at work!! :laugh:

Hopefully that’ll sort my “problem” (laziness!) - just under £20 for the previlge though!

Cables are a bloody nightmare!  It’s all very well having nice new toys but cables alone are expensive!

So you all sorted now then? :slight_smile:

Yeah I am thanks :slight_smile:

In fact I had all the cables I needed right here!  So just taken the ones I bought yesterday back and bought a pacemaker - as you do!! :cool: