Laptop stand


been looking to get a laptop stand, ideally portable so i can take it between home set up and the club im about to start at, cant wait!!

anyway, does anyone on here use them, a lot i have seen look really over priced but then again i spose the cheap ones will be as stable as Libya?!



this is what I use

[url]Rain Design mStand for MacBook Pro MacBook Air MacBook - Apple (UK)

it’s solid and stable but £72. You get what you pay for though

I got a cheap folding one off ebay for £15 what does me fine for home use, I would say that above rain one is soild as anything even in a club as I know someone who uses it when playing out, but I would say you can get it cheaper from am amazon.:cool:

Cheers mate that one looks well nice, does it fold up?

Cheers boneidol, do you remember what make it was, is it sturdy enough do you think?

Hey Kaya

Nope, that one doesn’t fold. It’s a solid piece of metal, looks like a flattened letter ‘c’ from the side. The Apple store is certainly not the cheapest place to buy from though!

Thats what i use… great for live stuff as it all comes apart… well sturdy too

ooo that looks good phil cheers, does it totally come apart, like so you could put it flat in a bag?

I use the stanton uber stand, folds away and has a nice bit to keep your soundcard under the lap top.

cheers gofunk, how sturdy is that one, you reckon you could fit an x1 on that shelf bit

thanks again for the suggestions

its solid, there wouldnt be much point putting the X1 there, you wouldnt be able to get to the knobs because your laptop would be over it. I just put mine on it an and while it stays on it much longer then the shelf…

the good thing about it is the base fit well under decks, raising your laptop above them meaning space is not a concern.

cheers mate that on is definate contender!!

I use the stanton uber stand as well, folds away flat and the optional shelf is great for holding my SL1

Here’s the one I got

Great for home use as said, I don’t play out so haven’t tested out it but is soild enough for me!

I use the one Phil has, just bought it at Solutions.

30+ gigs, no problems :slight_smile:

You can also put Audio 8 on the plasticky bit so it’s elevated too.

That’s what I’m talking about boneidol, cant justify £80+ on a piece of metal, I know you say you haven’t used it to play out, but do you reckon it would take it?

Whatever ya do dont buy one that’s too cheap I bought the “millennium stand” from thomann at around €15 thinking a stand is a stand, if I just kept it at home it would be fine but from karting it around from place to place for the past 4 months its a little warped and the nuts seem to cone loose all the time. Shoulda just paid an extra 30/40 quid for one that’s gonna last.

Hey Wayne - that’s an impressive erection you have there

… sorry, sorry, I meant “stand”


know what you mean Bub, with the amount of cash sat on top of it!! needs to be good quality! but seriously the amount that some people want is silly, think phills is looking the fave at the min, cheers again everyone!