Layed back breakbeat

been getting more into my break beaty stuff of late, feedback welcome :slight_smile:

The weirdness within by ekkobot

dude this is too WEIRD, the second I posted my breaks track yours just appeared!

this is not my style of breaks but the production is as always spot on, the drums and perc are tight, very dark, reminds me of impossible to complete computer game level… i like the fx glitchs and the wah wah pad… works really well, do you always create your own beats from scratch or cut up loops sometimes?

top job

cheers, yeah i noticed that too lol, i mostly use one shot samples and make my own loops, sometimes i add some interesting free effects to hats, theres a reverser delay type thing on the hats in this one… cant think of its name off hand might be called revdelay or something…