Lead from Oxia - Domino

Does anyone know how to get the kind of lead sound heard in Oxia - Domino?:

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FO566BKY2Jc]Oxia - Domino - YouTube

Trying to get a similar type of sound for my new track - can’t figure out whether it’s layers of different single note sequences / chord stabs / arp’s etc?

Anyone got any thoughts on how to get this kind of sound?

I maybe TOTALLY wrong here, but I don’t think it is too hard of a sound to replicate. That is, if you’re talking about that dashed blippy sound in the high end of the mix.

To me, it sounds like something that is sequenced with very tight note lengths.

The sound could be created, I’m guessing, with a simple patch on a soft synth. Let’s say a sawtooth wave or a narrow pulse wave. Not filtered too much, I don’t think. The Amp Envelope is VERY tight. The release and sustain and decay should be SHORT.

There’s probably a little reverb on there so it doesn’t sound too dry.

Again, this is all speculation. It could be much more complex

The other thing it could possibly be, which I doubt, is a lead sound with one long note and a dfx skidder type plug-in or tremelo on it. It sounds to rhythmic to be that though.

Unless of course you have an arpeggiator like the Virus Ti and you’re using the arpeggiator sequence to control the filter cutoff or something weird.

i’ve downloaded a high quality .wav file of the track, and i can hear things a little better now.

i think it’s 2 main elements that are making up the lead melody sound that i love so much-

1 - a gated pad/held chord

2 - short chord stabs with lots of fairly complex delay on them, i think the chord stab pattern is very simple but the complex delays make the pattern sound much more complex and pleasing to the ear?

if anyone would care to offer up any suggestions or comments/add anything to the above, it would be appreciated -

i love this sound so much and want to learn how it was done to help me with my sound design!