Lead Synths

Hi, I´m back again with some questions about lead synths …

I have been experimenting a lot with the 105 BPM Drumstep and 190 Funk Dubstep genre lately, and I am really having trouble creating lead sounds that isn´t too hard.

When I listen to Kill Paris, it does not sound to complex … but I still can´t create that kind of sound anyway …

Here´s one exampe:

Kill Paris - I Do Love You - YouTube

The last topic that I posted, was about mixing the high frequencies of a “growl” so it could fit in the mix better … but I came across a tutorial (actually, made by Kill Paris aswell) that really helped the overall sound of my synths, combined with a lot of EQ´s and different processing. I found it really usefull, so I will post the link here aswell, if you are interested:

[url][Ableton Tutorial] - "Maxing Your CPU in Ableton Live" - (Kill Paris Tutorial) - YouTube

This is how my (work in progress) mix sounds like with that kind of “CPU” overload mixing technique …