Leave the Pjanoo Behind

Hey guys,

this is my 4th episode of “Mid-Week Mash” where I post a new mashup on my soundcloud every wednesday.

And they are always free downloads!

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Embedding isnt working :confused:

This is really damn good. I’m looking to get into mashups as well. What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out with mashups? Where is the best place to learn solid techniques etc? Thx brotha

Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

And to be honest, I learned the technique from the warping tutorial, I’m pretty sure aha. Basically any tutorial that shows you how to warp transients to line them up with the beats.

As far as actually thinking of the mashup ideas, I normally find a instrumental I really like, then keep listening to it until a vocal pops into my head :P. Or if thats not working, I go browse for acapellas until I find one that fits.

I hope that helps!

It’s pretty cool but the vocals in the wrong key to the piano could do with a pitch tweak to make it sit better. Vocal also sounds pretty thing compared so maybe some layers turned down a touch to add depth :smiley:

Thanks for pointing that out japwow. I agree with you 100%.

It wasn’t really the best mashup idea in the first place, so it didnt end up sounding the way I wanted but it was mixable so I figured I’d roll with it.

The reason the vocals sound thin is cause I have to high pass them (high than normal) cause they were clashing with the “pjanoo” :P. o I tried to high pass it, and compress it to makeup the gain that was lost in the lower end of the spectrum. Apparently, it didnt work out the greatest… :stuck_out_tongue: