Legal Stuff?

Hi Just abit unsure on what the rules are I have noticed that in two current hard dance songs that have been realised they have used an a capella sample from another song one is from the song come on by javi mula and luca antolini has used it in his track and released it as an original, so my question is there is a vocal part in a Spencer and hill song that says what you think that we think is cool so Just using this by chopping it up etc. is this legal if you were to release the track as an original or do you need permission from whoever used it originally. Just wondering before I was to even look at using it also notice alot of tracks seem to use things from movies and they are released just wondering if you could help me on some guidelines with this kinda of thing.

Thanks on any help that can be given

technically you need permission. There are copyright free samples around - mostly released by loop libraries so even then you’re paying for a usage license. However, pretty much everything else is someones copyright and you would need to ask their permission to use and probably have to pay for it.

alright thanks mate originals must be the way to go then less hassle