Legendary Simon Patterson Bass

Hi Everyone.

I am fairly new to sound design, and i want to ask your help for how to get this sound in a synth maybe in sylenth1 because i use very much it , so hope you can help me get this particular sound that im looking for:

Many will remember the particular bass in minute 5:34 which is the sound that I want achieve and also maybe someone have a good idea for make a simmilar bass with some distortion vst or something that i need add apart.

Hope you Can answer me and if some of teachers in this web can make a tutorial for to teach how to make this sound i would greatly appreciate:D.

Thanks in advance.:wink:

Sounds like an ordinary saw to me, but I can be wrong.

There are most definitely presets for that sound in Sylenth. Add some compression. Eq a bit and tada you’re ready :smiley:

yes 1 distorted saw.