Lernvall audio - La convolver

Hi to everyone,

i’m new, and first of all, sorry for my bad english!

So…i’ve started my lovestory with Live one week ago, but only now i have some problems with the plugin La convolver.:smiley:

As you can read in the descriprion, i have not a mac, and i don’t understand if there is a similar plugin for pc(i’ve a Vaio), or not (i’m making the tutorial about prodigy).

Someone else can help me??

Or i’m the only one that till do music with a Pc???



http://www.liquidsonics.com/software_reverberate.htm £50

http://www.liquidsonics.com/software_reverberate_le.htm £15

check that out… available for PC and Mac and does the same job.

thank you so much!