Let's get this thing started (zmo Remix)

Check out my first “real” remix (not counting the ones from contests):

feedback would be loveley!

Happy holidays btw :w00t::w00t::hehe::hehe::cool:!!

Not really something I would listen to. Its kinda boring, nothing really excites me about it or draws emotions. The instruments sound good, and its decently mixed but just kinda boring IMO. Sorry if kinda harsh

Non offense taken, to each his own. Thx for the feedback!

Hi Djzmo,

I kind of like it, but I would suggest to leave that rather cheesy vocal out.  I know it can make a song instantly more “accessible” to a bigger audience, but it can also ruin a good groove (and in my opinion that’s what it’s doing here).  If you would like to keep this vocal element: shred it to pieces, mangle it through a beat repeat and use some of these fragments here and there to suite the groove (like every 4 or 8 bars), or use them as a little fill to build up to a break or a drop, but don’t let it play on and on like in this version.

Also it seems like the bassline has a delay on it?  I would suggest cutting the low end of that delay because in my opinion it’s taking alot of “pumpy feel” away from the actual bassline.

Anyway, those are my two cents, I hope they can be usefull in any way.



UPDATE: I just listened to the other track you posted, so I thought I’d get back on this vocal thing.  What you did there really works because it doesn’t keep going but every now and then just pops up to keep the dullness away.  Try it like that in this track too.

Best feedback ever, thx!