Lets start a Sonic Academy Soundcloud Group

Hey all,

I’ve noticed as probably most of you have that a lot of us use soundcloud to post our tracks etc. I 've been thinking for awhile since we have such a good group of people and producers here that we should establish our own moderated group specifically for SA users . I think it would be a good way to promote SA , make it easier for us to display, critic , promote our music, network with other SA members, support each otthers music, and strengthen our group. I feel like a lot of us are progressing in our music making abilities and this seems like another step towards a good thing. I don’t even care who runs the thing, I just think we should do it! Maybe the SA crew would give us their blessing and let us use their logo.

Let me know what you guys think.

I haven’t opened a SoundCloud account yet as I’m still working to complete my productions to showcase but at a later date when I do I’d be happy to sign up and support the above.

someone already has dont know who set it up though i’ve not looked to see who is the moderater

i’m already a member…:slight_smile:

yeh cool… eithe rill join a new one or can someone lett me know the link to the old one…

what ever trevor

Oh, er, yeah… that was me that started it.

I did it a few weeks back in response to another thread, and I must have forgotten to mention it!

The link to the group is:


If anyone wants to be a moderator join and let me know.

Anymore feedback from anyone?

Hey Lads,

Im already a member of the Sonic Insiders group on Soundcloud. I’m all for promotin that group or even if we all get together and start a new group, soundcloud is an excellent site and will be a great way to promote our own productions and SA.


Michael aka Bicky

well i floow sa group from now =)