Lfo modulation acid bass

Can anyone give me any tip on how to do this… I dont even know where to start!

to create a “ACID” bass tone use either SAW or SQUARE only one oscillator and one voice, medium to high resonance and use the LFO to modulate the Filter cut off or maybe the pitch if you like that sort of thing lol

you could use and envelope to modulate instead or as well as.

[quote]gofunk (22/12/2010)[hr]I dont even know where to start![/quote]


Turn knobs. If it sounds good, then tack an EG or LFO on it.

Use a 303 vsti


Or this


well I’m trying it with massive… getting somewhere but nowhere near where I wanna be…

[quote]slender (22/12/2010)[hr]Use a 303 vsti


don’t need a 303 to make a 303 sounding bassline, limiting you current synth to the basics of a 303 will achieve the same results.