License kick 2 + kick 1 64 bit mac os m1

HI, just purchase the amazing plug kick2
Is possible to grab a license as well for kick 1 pls ? I need to bounce old ableton live projects someone ask me to produce/remix…
It would be amazing, as i am kind of stucked with this old project :frowning:

Thanks take care !

Hi there,

  • Kick 1 N.R.E was part of S.A 1st line of products and required it’s own license purchase at the time.

  • While owners of Kick 1 N.R.E can benefit from a preferred price if they decide to purchase KICK 2, it’s not possible to get a Kick 1 N.R.E License when you own KICK 2.

  • Next to this, Kick 1 N.R.E has now been removed from S.A sales and it’s also not compatible with MacOS 10.15 Catalina or above.

That said you don’t need a Kick 1 N.R.E license :

  • 1st thing is that all Kick 1 N.R.E Factory Presets have been ported into KICK 2.

  • 2nd thing is that there’s a Kick 1 to KICK 2 presets converter included in the KICK 2 download archive.

  • If you have access to your Kick 1 Presets ( if you did save them with “saved as” in Kick 1 and previous sessions ) you can convert those presets and replace your Kick 1 plugin instances with a KICK 2 instance in your previous projects.

  • If you’re having issues to reopen previous sessions that were using Kick 1, best is to move the Kick 1 AU plugin file from it’s installation directory.

Hope this helps, let us know if you have any further question about this :wink: