Liquid dnb tut

this would be ideal but not such a straight dnb maybe mix it up with some jungle and broken up beats. :slight_smile:

your call. i think this would be sweet (ableton) lol:cool:

could you please explain what Liquid is because i have 3 guys at work who all play “Liquid Drum&bass” I’ve been to see all 3 guys play and they all sound the same but one will tell me he plays deep liquid the other said “mine’s more tip top” (wtf) and the other guy said his was more chilled. Now obviously i just nodded and agreed but i really couldn’t tell the difference between any of those and the albums i’ve listened to this year.

I like drum & bass, also huge fan of jungle and can tell the difference but i can’t between modern “drum&bass” & “Liquid”. could some one please help me out.

yeah def man,

Liquid meaning like more off a wet sound…

more ambient sound. like lots off padded sounds on top of a killer bass with the sit back and relax dnb beat.

Netsky is great but there are a few others that are great for this style.

sounds ok to me +1