Listen! Remix! Bass

Hey guys.

I think I’ve got something here. There are still definitely some kinks, but I’m pretty pleased. Let me know what you think.

Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello (Flaxo’s Remix) by Flaxo

Hey mate, yep def got something going there. Personally I think that the more pure electro parts are the best bits. And I’d weigh the composition in favour of them and ratchet back the vocal content or glitch it up more.

Wow, very impressive - really not my cup of tea, but I think the arrangement is brilliant. Fair play.

dude the electro parts are quite sick. definitely agree with the other post about focusing on that and cutting a bit of the vocal parts, keep that stuff bangin man, can’t wait to see the final result. one suggestion: the bass sounds a little muddy, maybe eq it a bit, but other than those small things: two thumbs way the heck up. funny story - i picked up this remix pack last week myself, started working on it, then went off on a tangent, now it’s a completely new tune and has absolutely nothing to do with “hello” as originally intended lol maybe i’ll try again next time.

The new version is up. I’d love it if you guys could give some feedback! Really want to win the competition.

hey dude!

this is a good remix man.i gave it a listen and I got a couple things I think could help.

First it looks/sounds like the electro parts are only 8 or 16 bars long? I didnt count…

but they sound to short… so…

Whatever it is… DOUBLE each electro section. Then vary the 1-shots for each new part.

I would shorten the first breakdown because it seems too long with the vocals. Or just bring the vocals in on the breakdown sooner. Like 8 bars of instruments, 8 of vocals +… make it a nice 16 bar breakdown and be done with it!

Shorten the 2nd breakdown by like 16 bars. It’s too long.

I love the saw waves that you are using. It sounds like alchemy or massive to me. I think what would be cool is if you had a SAW wave hit a quarter note and then a big fat nasty Square Bass Synth hit another quarter note afterward. I think adding a square bass to play off the saw basses that you have will add a big DONK to the whole track. It will hit harder if you do this.

Also it would be cool if you had some more vocal 1-shots in the electro parts. Use vocal chops from the vocals in the breakdown. This will put it over the top glitchy.

If you have time then add a lead to the chord riff that you have playing during the breakdowns. Something that plays off the chords and sounds really awesome. I think that is what would make it outstanding. Taking a song and improving it by adding another instrument with another riff to go along with the main melody during the breaks. People would flip over that.

Overall Good work man! Your remix is definitely original. I think if you hunker down and get some of the things I said done you might have a real shot. Let me know if I didnt make sense about anything I said. Be glad to elaborate further.

^pretty much on the money right there. i suggest you cut the break from 1:40-2:10 and just dropping out for a quick second and head right into the heavy stuff. if you want to win the comp, you should definitely build out the electro parts and switch it up a bit, you’ve come this far, why quit now?! good luck my friend

another problem ive noticed is that the last half of you waveform looks like a penis.

oh also… the track is superb… if you dont win then theres some bs going on. id buy it. well done

Jetty made me listen - sounds great like a few others not my kinda of sound but wow it is very well put together and well thought out best of luck mate

Thanks for all the input gents! If none of you are competing, please spin. I’ll post the link when the voting goes up.

I don’t know if you remember this, but I had some pretty god-awful tunes back in the day (like 3-4 months ago). It’s so flattering that all of you guys are so enthusiastic now.