Live 63 Minute tech house mix for the 1st Week of My New Radio Show on the Mexican Airwaves

Live 63 minute NxDxcx Mix recorded during broadcast on March 29th, 2015br
The show will air at 9PM CST Sunday nights and features some of the techiest of the house i have been jamming out to recently with Orbital Underground Music- on Mexico’s El Norte FM (
by Lewis Fautzibr
2.Somewhere (Hoxton Whores Remix)br
by Maximus Bellinibr
3.If we told you we would have to KILL you (Unreleased)br
by The Opposiz NxDxcx
4.Unanswered Question (Julian Jeweil Remix)br
byAdam Beyerbr
5.Day To Night (Smash TV Remix)br
byWild Culturebr
6.Los Hijos Del Sol (Uto Karem Remix)br
byTomaz Filterheadzbr
7.Metro sexualbr
byTaster Peterbr
8.The One (Original Mix)br
byMarco Pbr
9.B61 (Original Mix)br
10.Manduco (Davydov Pincher Remix)br
by Muzzaikbr
11.I’m Gonna Get You (Phunk Investigation Remix)br
by Dave Aude feat. Jessica Suttabr
12.Shamen (NxDxcx Re-Roll)br
by My Digital Enemy
13.La Comombiana (Matt Sassari Remix)br
by Chus Ceballobr
14.Puerto Rico II (Spartaque Remix)br
by Alex Di Stefano, Balthazar Jackrockybr
15.Warrior (Instrumental Mix)br
byMichael Woods