Live 7 & Cubase issue

When I try to activate plug in’s on Live 7 it scans the steinberg folder then eventually I get an error and the program crashes, this always happens so so far i’ve been unable to use any VSTs in Live 7, does anyone know what I can do or why this may be happening??

So i’ve made a track anyways in Live 7 and i want to master it, but because the above is giving me issues i decided to extract the whole audio and run it to Cubase SX, but for some reason when i play it through cubase it plays the track a few BPM faster even though i havent even touched the BPM setting on there?? Why is it doing this?

I think DAW’s hate me :frowning: :frowning:

for ableton i tend to use a custom vst folder… you can set this up in abletons file menu preferences.

create a folder named live7vsts then put in the ones your using… you may need to add them 1 by 1 to see which vst live is having problems with.

the bmp difference in cubase may be to do with sample rate… live might be exporting at 44.1k while cubase is set to 48k

other possibility is you have tempo set to master… which uses cubases tempo track to control tempo which is defaulted to 120. set temp to fixed then change it.