Live 7 question


I’ve been using Cool Edit for some years now to produce my radio show, however it gets a bit tedius when i have to manually edit the volumes during spoken and jingle parts.

I’ve been considering using Live 7 and i’ve just tried to use it and then use a side chain compressor for spoken parts and jingles, however because whatever I put into Live 7 auto time shifts things, it’s making the spoken parts sound funny.

How do i turn the time shifts off for this kinda work?

Also is there a way that I can have two channels, one for vocal and one for jingles, and have two sidechain compressors on the music audio so that when either a spoken part or a jingle part comes in that it still sidechains?

I tried to do this but what happened was my jingle just went through the first sidechained channel (the vocal part). The problem with this is the audio volume of my jingles are a lot louder than my spoken parts so I need to make sure my volume of the jingles are lower than my spoken parts.

I could put everything into one channel and manually automate the volumes depending on whether i have a spoken or jingle part playing but it’s still causing a bit of tedius play.

Any help would be much much appreciated!

do you mean that you are bringing the spoken word parts onto a channel as audio clips. if so turn of the warping and the pitch wont be effected